About Jing Herbs

Based on the ancient Taoist health philosophy, “Jing” was chosen as the company name because it means source, foundation, the primal “essence” of human beings. That is how we want our clients to regard our products; as the foundation and source of health and longevity.

Jing Herbs practices the Taoist Three Treasures philosophy of cultivating Jing, Qi, and Shen or Essence, Energy, and Spirit, the three fundamental energies of the body.

High Quality herbs + Expert guidance

With a Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the prestigious Yo San University and an extensive background in clinical and tonic herbalism, Dr. George Lamoureux is considered one of the world’s top authorities of Taoist tonic herbalism, health, longevity, and nutrition.

Dr. George was introduced to the Taoist healing arts by his teachers Daoshing and Maoshing Ni. The Ni brothers shared the wisdom and family tradition of an unbroken line of physicians dating back 38 generations!

He has over 25 years of experience dedicated to the principles of protecting, nourishing, and balancing Essence, Energy, and Spirit for thousands of clients who have sought his expertise.

Los Angeles Confidential magazine referred to him as “one of the best herbalists in the country.”

Student for life

Dr. George approaches health and longevity as a subject of study for life. In addition to his doctorate, he also holds certifications in the fields of Healthy Aging, Dermatology, and Female reproductive health.

Dr George also is a certified Medical Qi Gong practitioner.


Dr. George is available for personal consultations if you are seeking a more in depth analysis of your health portfolio, as well as a custom protocol of supplements designed to address your unique needs.

Take the Jing Herbs Optimal Health Analysis to Discover Your Custom Supplement Protocol!

Take the Jing Herbs Optimal Health Analysis to Discover Your Custom Supplement Protocol!