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The term Black Friday for many means a chance to save big.

For many years, we didn't take part in this particular weekend as the hyper commercialization of health did not align with our Shen.

However, this year is different.

We've realized that by NOT taking part, we may have missed an opportunity to serve others.

So, we've created some very special deals on some essential products at lower prices than we’ve ever offered.

However, it’s not the prices that we care about, or how much we make.

Because we want YOU to be the one who benefits. Not us.

What we care about is you
and your well-being.

We want to make sure that you’re completely covered when it comes to your health.

So we’ve put together a list of our best, most popular formulas for preparing, and dealing with the torrent of holiday stressors.

We’d rather make a little bit less to know others have a happy, healthy holiday season.

Progress, Comfort, and Self-Assurance
Celebrate The Year Of The Water Rabbit With 20% Off Storewide!

Happy Lunar New Year!

In China, this holiday, which is also known as the Spring Festival, marks the end of the coldest days of winter.

It’s widely celebrated as a time where people welcome the spring and everything that comes with it - where people prepare for fresh starts and new beginnings.

A lot of people tend to feel discouraged if they aren't able to meet their New Years resolutions on the first try, but failure is a natural part of growth, and determination to pick up the pieces and try again is what creates impactful change.

We're looking at the Lunar New Year as a second chance to fit in all the resolutions we weren't able to take up at the beginning of the year.

Get ready to hop at the opportunity for positive growth in 2023!

This year brings the opportunity for change, adventure, actionable growth, and building momentum in your new pursuits.

The Rabbit is a gentle, quiet, and elegant sign, but quick on its feet, skilled, and alert. The Water Rabbit has a direct connection with Wood, which provides an influence of strength as we all calmy and steadily progress this year.

The Yin energy of the Water Rabbit makes 2023 a great year to seek new perspectives while supporting our equilibrium.

When a lunar year is influenced by the Water element, it signifies a time of great change, prosperity, and abundance for those who can brave the waves.

Additionally, the essence of Water is to "go with the flow" and accept change, which supports the Rabbits subtle influences that can win trust without much effort.

The presence of Water helps Wood to flourish, encouraging your ideas and aspirations to grow and blossom when properly attended to.

Most importantly, the Yin Water Rabbit can affect those of us who are attracted to excessive degrees of comfort and listlessness, lulling us into overlooking the true value of responsibility.

The amount of Yin energy in 2023 is undeniable, which can promote recovery and rest, but must be tempered with a balance of motivating Yang energy.

I encourage you to explore your passions, broaden your horizons, and take a more active role in your growth - it'll be worth the effort.

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Have a look below, and start your commitment to better health.

Wishing you a wonderful Lunar New Year.

Be Well,

The Jing Herbs Team

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February's Featured Herb Is Lions Mane!

  • Promotes Strong Mental Acuity
  • Potent Immune System Support
  • Aids Cardiovascular Health
  • Promotes Natural Digestion

Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus) is one of the great Chinese tonic herbs for supporting healthy brain function and cognitive ability.

A medicinal mushroom loaded with antioxidants, Lion's Mane is also known for supporting healthy cardio-vascular health, supporting immune function and digestion, as well as helping overall well-being and longevity.

This is an herb that can be added to any herbal regimen as an extra boost for health and happiness. It's a hot water extract that makes the critical beta-glucans more bio-available.

Ideal for: Anyone looking for cognitive support, immune support, and digestive support.
TCM Functions: Benefits the five internal organs

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Here's How To Claim Your
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Get High-Quality Three Treasures Support With Our
Variety Of Potent Powder And Liquid Tonics!

Restore The Digestion Capsules - JingHerbs
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  • Premium Beauty And Yin Tonic
  • Builds Blood, Nourishes Skin
  • Brightens The Eyes And Shen

Three Sisters is a heavenly trinity of tonic herbs for cultivating beauty, health, and longevity. This is the ultimate Yin, Blood, and Essence tonic.

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This formula is also renowned for its ability to build fluids and alleviate dryness, which can be very important during menopause.

Together, these three herbs combine to provide you with youth, vigor, longevity, and happiness!

Schisandra fruit is renowned for its ability to nurture beautiful, soft, and radiant skin. It is a powerful brain and memory tonic.

Lycium fruit, also known as Goji berry, has a long history of being one of the greatest longevity tonics from the east.

It is a Yin Essence restorative herb that brightens and strengthens the eyes, supports immune function, builds sexual fluids, creates cheerfulness, supports the legs, and enhances sexual function.

Longan fruit is a delicious tonic herb used for building blood, nourishing the Heart and the Spirit, and enhancing beauty. It also has a reputation in the east as being a tonic herb that promotes healthy sexual function.

It is a favorite herb of Chinese woman, and legend has it that the most beautiful women of China insist on eating Longan fruit every day.

Long term consumption is said to sharpen the intelligence, lighten the body, prevent aging, and facilitate enlightenment of the spirit.

Ideal for: All women, those with dry eyes and skin, dry issues related to menopause
TCM Functions: Generates fluids, tonifies the blood, nourishes Yin.

Available In:

2 Fl. oz.
70 servings per bottle

Usage: Take one to three squirts as needed up to three times per day. You can take them directly in your mouth or you can add them to teas, smoothies, or shakes.
Extract ratio: 8:1

Three Brothers Tincture - JingHerbs
Sold out
  • Supreme Longevity and Jing Tonic
  • Supports Regeneration and Healing
  • Potent Essence And Energy Tonic

Our Deer Antler Essence extract is a full spectrum extraction of one of the most profound substances in the anti-aging and longevity category.

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Our Deer Antler Essence extract is a full spectrum extraction of one of the most profound substances in the anti-aging and longevity category.

One of the things that our clients have come to rely on is the fact that Jing Herbs will not produce products that violate the law of balance.

We go to great pains to assure that our formulas protect, nourish and balance the Three Treasures. Our Deer Antler Essence extract is no exception to this rule.

Since Deer Antler is essentially a very potent yang tonic, we have included two of the most famous yin tonics to bring balance to the formula.

When you take a natural product like deer antler, and try to spike the levels of one or two of the ‘active ingredients’, you may be getting the intelligence of the product, but you may be leaving behind the wisdom.

We give you the product the way nature intended, in its potent, nutrient rich, non-toxic, full spectrum glory. Let’s now talk about the phenomenal makeup of deer antler. On analysis, antler was found to contain all of these life enhancing and longevity promoting components.

With the addition of Lycium and He Shou Wu this formula takes on a whole new dimension of being a COMPLETE Kidney Essence tonic.

Jing Herbs is confident that once you add our Deer Antler Essence to your herbal program you will be one step closer to the best health ever!

Ideal for: Athletes, lovers, anemia, Busy Professionals, those recovering from injuries or broken bones.
TCM Functions: Tonifies Kidney Yang, Nourishes Yin Essence, builds blood.

Available In:

2 Fl. Oz.
70 servings per bottle
Extract ratio: 4:1
Usage: Take one to three squirts as needed two times per day. You can take them directly in your mouth or you can add them to teas, smoothies, or shakes.

Restore The Jing Capsules - JingHerbs
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  • Increases Daily Qi Energy
  • Tonifies the Lungs and Spleen
  • Supports Digestion And Nourishment

Astragalus is a Qi tonic that directly supports the Lung and Spleen organs in the body, providing energy, immune support, and much more!

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Taking it regularly helps to provides quick energy, support the immune system, and assist digestive function. It's also considered one of the most important longevity tonic herbs!

As an immune system tonic, Astragalus tonifies what is known as "Wei Qi" or "protective Qi" which is the energy that runs just below the surface of the skin.

Nourishing the Lungs directly supports Wei Qi. which works to protect us from the elements (i.e. wind, cold, rain), keeping those harmful environmental factors from getting in.

Also, by augmenting the Spleen and Stomach's energy, Astragalus assists with digestion, and helps you maximize your ability to cultivate nutritive Qi, which is the energy derived from your breathing and your diet.

Astragalus also houses what is called "upright Qi", which is the energy in the body that supports your upright posture and the correct position of the organs.

Ideal for: Anyone that has low energy, low immune function, or weak digestion.
TCM Function: Tonifies the Spleen and augments the qi, Raises the Yang qi of the Spleen and Stomach, Augments the protective (wei) qi.

Available In:

Powder 50g
25 servings per packet
Usage: 2 grams (approximately 1 tsp.) two times per day. Mix with warm water and drink as a tea. Add to smoothies or shakes if desired. Best taken in the morning and afternoon.
Extract ratio: 10:1 (minimum)

Powder 250g
125 servings per packet
Usage: 2 grams (approximately 1 tsp.) two times per day. Mix with warm water and drink as a tea. Add to smoothies or shakes if desired. Best taken in the morning and afternoon.
Extract ratio: 10:1 (minimum)

Restore The Jing Capsules - JingHerbs
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  • Enhance physical and mental endurance
  • Promotes metabolism and circulation
  • Aids with stress during adverse conditions

Eleuthero root, also known as Siberian Ginseng, is a supreme adaptogenic herb that also enhances physical and mental endurance.

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It nourishes the Kidneys and is beneficial for anyone experiencing general weakness or lack of vitality. It's a favorite herb of athletes as it enhances oxygenation metabolism and circulation of blood.

Eleuthero has a positive effect on the metabolic state through maintenance of normal glucocorticoid activity of the adrenal glands and increased brain catecholamine neurotransmitter formation, both important for energy production and motivation of physical activity.

This herb is well known as an adaptogen to help with better withstanding stress during adverse conditions.

The adrenal gland becomes exhausted during periods of chronic stress leading to reduced output of hormones. Eleuthero reduces the adverse effects of chronic stress on the adrenal glands helping to preserve its healthy function.

Ideal for: Athletes, anyone who endures stress on a regular basis.
TCM Functions: Tonifies the Spleen and Stomach Qi, warms the Kidneys, calms the spirit.

Available In:

Powder 50g
25 servings per packet
Usage: 2 grams (approximately ½ tsp) two times per day. Mix with warm water and drink as a tea. Add to smoothies or shakes if desired. Best taken in the morning and afternoon.
Extract ratio: >45:1

Powder 250g
125 servings per packet
Usage: 2 grams (approximately ½ tsp) two times per day. Mix with warm water and drink as a tea. Add to smoothies or shakes if desired. Best taken in the morning and afternoon.
Extract ratio: >45:1

Check Out Our Premium Bundle For The Best In
Three Treasures Cultivation!

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Get The Ultimate Three Treasures Trio In The Connoisseur Bundle!

  • Support & Regulate Immune Function
  • Protects and Replenishes All Three Treasures
  • Relieves Stress and Promotes A Positive Mood
  • Maximizes Daily Energy
  • Encourages Rest and Recovery

You can round out your herbal routine with the Connoisseur Bundle, A premium collection of our most potent liquid tonics - one for each of your Three Treasures!

The Connoisseur Bundle takes inspiration from similar bundles and products like our Three Treasures Bundle or Foundation Formula, but brings together our most distinguished tonics to set itself at the top of the line.

Deer Antler Essence offers incredible regenerative properties to protect and nurture Jing essence, Shen Nong's Ginseng provides the ultimate daily nourishment of Qi by utilizing 10 unique Ginseng species, and our Raw Reishi tonic invokes pure shen-expanding bliss.

This is a bundle that exemplifies the philosophy of balanced Three Treasures cultivation, and offers the greatest value you'll find for all three of these premium solutions!

&amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;b&amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;Raw Reishi&amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/b&amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;

&amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;b&amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;Restore the Jing&amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/b&amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;

Restore the Heart - JingHerbs
  • Increases Physical Energy
  • Prevents burnout
  • Longevity Tonic
Sold out

&amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;b&amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;Holiday Wellness Bundle&amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;br&amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;&amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/b&amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;

Restore the Heart - JingHerbs
  • Spread cheer this holiday season
  • Ensure a calm, joy filled holiday
  • Be the life of the holiday party
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After having a profound experience with Reishi mushroom over 30 years ago, Dr. George discovered that health and healing was his path.

He went on to earn a doctorate in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine at the prestigious Yo San University.

Dr. George studied the Taoist healing arts with his teachers Daoshing and Maoshing Ni. The Ni brothers shared the wisdom and family tradition of an unbroken line of physicians dating back 38 generations!

He has spent the last 25 years dedicated to the principles of protecting, nourishing, and balancing Essence, Energy, and Spirit for thousands of clients who have sought his expertise. He has become one of the world’s top authorities of Taoist tonic herbalism, health, longevity, and nutrition.

Dr George Has Dedicated His Life To Helping You Achieve Balance, Health, and Longevity.

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