January 2024 EDITION


Vital Roots
for a
Vibrant Life

Ground Your Health
in Strength

Nature's Cornerstone to Immunity and Energy

Embark on a Journey to Vibrant Health with January's Jing Insider Spotlight:


As dawn breaks on this fresh calendar year, envisage your body as a temple—ancient, sacred, and teeming with an unseen life force.


This temple, your body, craves a cornerstone, a central support that upholds, nurtures, and balances the vibrant energies that swirl within.


Enter Foundation Formula, a venerated blend woven from threads of ancient tradition.


It's a touchstone for longevity, a beacon for vitality, and your partner in crafting an existence that exudes well-being from every pore.

Modern living can erode our natural resilience.


Stress and processed foods besiege our bodies, while the cacophony of daily life drowns out the sweet symphony of our inner harmony.


As we brace against these tides, the Foundation Formula stands as a bulwark, guarding the serenity of our internal landscape.


The villagers of the ancient Chinese mountains had their "Four Guardians."


Today, you have Foundation Formula—your personal cadre of defenders, cultivated from the same roots of wisdom that nourished generations before us.



Astragalus, the protector, stands guard, bolstering your immune system with its shield.


Lycium, the nurturer, infuses your days with the vigor needed to pursue your passions.


Ginseng, the revitalizer, breathes life into your Qi, propelling your body and mind into harmonious action.


Reishi, the sage, elevates your Shen, ushering in tranquility and heightened consciousness.


Think of this formula not as a mere supplement, but as a daily ritual. A commitment to your profound transformation, one sip at a time.

This January, as resolutions are spoken and ambitions set aflame, anchor yourself with Foundation Formula.


It's not merely about weathering the year ahead but transforming the way you experience the world—robust, thriving, and untethered from the ailments that once held dominion over your vigor.


We invite you to step onto this path, a route charted with the wisdom of the ancients and paved with the promise of tomorrow.


Let Foundation Formula be your guide, your companion, and your gateway to an enriched life brimming with health.


This year is yours to command.


Begin the journey with the strength of the mountains, the might of a dynasty that knew the secrets of earth and sky. Your best self beckons. Welcome it with Foundation Formula.



Embrace the journey; your best self awaits.



For those who follow the footsteps of time-tested tradition and the whispers of wisdom rooted in nature itself, Foundation Formula isn't simply a choice—it's a return to the essence of well-being.


What our Insiders say:

"I found Jing Herbs many years ago and connected again only to find that the quality has continued to be excellent. I can taste the strength and aliveness of these herbs that I find satisfying to eat straight out of the package."

Mary A Leck

"I used this fantastic product with warm water and fats for my 12-hour night shift and noticed that my energy level remained consistent, as opposed to a crash of energy 2-3 hours later without it."

Mikey C.

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