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Introducing A New Jing Herbs Product:
☀️ Sun Essence ☀️

Power Up your Life Force with Sun Essence's Golden Benefits

Unleashing the Power of the Sun:
Get Back Youthful Energy with Sun Essence

Imagine a golden herb as radiant as the sun, captivating poets and philosophers for centuries with its amazing benefits.

An herb so potent that Du Fu, a renowned Chinese poet, lauds its ability to keep the hair from greying and preserve a youthful appearance.

An elusive elixir that stirred the awe of Zhu Xi, a brilliant Song Dynasty philosopher, for its prowess in holding back the formidable hands of old age.

Introducing Sun Essence, our own premium version of the timeless Huang Jing (Polygonatum sibericum), or as some call it "the sun herb."

This herb is a jewel of Classical Chinese Medicine and is historically known for its restorative and nourishing benefits.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The Sun Herb

Nothing is more potentin the scrolls of immortals for keeping old age at bay.

- Zhu Xi - Song Dynasty Philosopher

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Sun Essence is Great!!

Just using Sun Essence will wipe away grey hair and leave your face youthful for years.

- Du Fu - Famous Chinese Poet


Rowing through The Golden Fields of the Sun Essence

Thriving at soaring heights between 2,600ft to 9,200ft, Huang Jing spreads its lance-shaped leaves out between 12 and 24 inches off the ground.

Its bell shaped, pendulous flowers sway gently in the breeze, clusters of two nodding from the leaf axils during late spring and early summer.

Its tactile leaves, vibrant green and lance-like, pair beautifully with the pendulous and bell-shaped flowers that bloom during late spring or early summer.

However, what truly hallmark is the bulbous root - a brown treacle sweetness reminiscent of molasses and a plethora of benefits wrapped inside.


Unearthing Sun Essence's Potential

What makes Sun Essence outshine others is its unique ability to tonify Spleen Qi and Stomach Yin - essentially aiding digestion and regulating sugar.

It also moistens the Lung Yin, providing relief from dry coughs.

Yet, its true magic lies in its extraordinary strength to invigorate the Kidneys and replenish the Jing.

As Du Fu hinted at, when the Jing weakens, we start seeing the sands of time etching their marks.

Hair transforms from luscious color to stark grey, knees and back begin their sighs of protest, and we find ourselves enveloped by a pall of fatigue.

Huang Jing, especially when processed with care, fortifies the Jing, rejuvenating your body’s vitality.

Packed with specific types of polysaccharides, Sun Essence exerts promising benefits such as anti-aging, immunity enhancement, anti-inflammation, and anti-fatigue.

Not only longevity will be enhanced, mental acuity and cognitive function will be strengthened.


Taking Tradition to the Next Level

Sun Essence emerges from careful processes to unlock its full potential.

Typically, Huang Jing undergoes steaming and drying, forming a sticky black mass which gets brewed into a delightful tea.

We take a different path.

First, and most importantly, we source and preserve the herb in it’s original golden stage, very difficult to find as the herb is almost always quickly and routinely processed immediately after harvest.

Opting for a less processed approach, we find that the natural constituents of the herb come alive, nurturing the Jing in its purest form.

The result is an 8:1 concentrated extract with no preservatives, sugars, or additives - just water, alcohol, and herb.

As we step into the new month, let's explore our unique herb for the month - 'Activate the Qi'.

This herbal formula offers balanced energy during the day while promoting restful sleep at night. It nurtures the spleen and helps build blood, while also fostering healthy digestion.

And if you're feeling lightheaded upon standing, Activate the Qi might just be your perfect herbal companion!

Dive into the journey of your wellbeing. Enjoy the sweet warmth and abundant benefits of Sun Essence and Activate the Qi.

Enjoy the full vitality and wholesome health you deserve.

Here's to a life soaked in the sun and balanced in the Qi!


What our Insiders say:

"My husband has noticed since he's been taking "Activate the Qi" that he feels a sustained energy level, with an overall sense of well being. He's very pleased with his daily Jing herbal tonics."


"Was looking for something to help overcome the mid-afternoon sleepy slump towards the end of my work day (but that wouldn't get me up at night). This did the trick! "


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