Five Aspects of Health, Wellness, and Longevity

  • Jing
  • Qi
  • Shen
  • Adaptability
  • Women's Balance

Your Jing Herbs Analysis Result:

Congratulations! You seem to have abundant Jing!

Your constitution is quite strong and you have the physical energy and resources to live life to its fullest.

You seem have moderate Jing deficiency and you probably don’t have as much vitality as you would like.

Your strength and drive are most likely lower than you wish, you might not have the endurance you wish, but overall you are probably doing okay energy wise.

By replenishing and revitalizing your Jing, however, you could attain greater health, energy, passion, and vitality to accomplish your daily goals with energy left over to fulfill your dreams!

You seem to be very Jing deficient.

In Western terms, this Jing energy is referred to as the Kidney/Adrenal energy.

It is important for you to replenish your Jing in an appropriate manner so that you don't fall into a state of adrenal exhaustion.

Physical fatigue and lethargy, lack of passion, and mental weakness are all hallmarks of burnout and exhaustion associated with depleted Jing energy.

Adequately replenishing your Jing will rejuvenate your mind and body to fuel you day to day vitality to achieve your goals and passions!

Congratulations! Your Yin Jing seems to be well nourished.

You have adequate reserve energy stored in your Kidney/Adrenal complex and that should provide you with a great energetic resource in the years ahead.

You seem to have a moderate amount of Yin deficiency.

This suggests your Kidney/Adrenal energy is a little bit low.

You might be experiencing slight dryness, stiffness, irritability, or general fatigue.

The key to preventing you from burning yourself out is to make sure you refill before you ‘empty the gas tank’ so to speak.

There are amazing Yin Jing tonics that will get you back to feeling great and full of energy in no time!

Knowing your basic constitutional type will help you choose the one best suited for you.

You seem to be very Yin deficient.

Typically with Yin deficiency, you may experience dryness, night sweats, restless sleep, irritability, and stiffness.

The good news is that this Yin energy can ultimately be restored with the appropriate tonic herbs!

By restoring your Yin, you will feel more comfortable in your skin, more balanced, and more nourished to face life's daily challenges!

Congratulations! Your Yang Jing seems to be fully vital.

You most likely bring lots of passion and energy to your life and should be able to do so for many, many years.

Your Yang Jing seems to be moderately depleted.

That suggests your physical energy, sexual energy, and creative energy, while adequate, are probably not where you would like them to be or where they used to be.

While you are certainly not in the danger zone of adrenal exhaustion, you probably would like to kick up the energy and passion in your life.

That can be easily addressed with some Yang Jing tonics that will have you feeling amazing again so you can pursue that which you love to do! Matching the Yang tonic herbs to your constitutional type will be sure to give you the best results.

Based on your results, you seem to have a severe Yang deficiency.

People with Yang deficiency often feel cold, lack physical energy, sexual energy, creative energy, and general lust for life.

By boosting Yang, you will feel younger and more alive with a renewed sense of vitality and purpose in life!

Jing - The First Treasure


What is Jing?

It is the root energy of the body. It is the lifelong core energy conferred upon you at conception from your parents and it's meant to last you your lifetime. When your Jing expires, so do.

It is your genetic potential. Your constitution. Your very own storehouse of energy and potential.

In life, it manifests as your sexual and reproductive energy. Your creativity. Your physical power. Your will power. Your drive and determination. It is your potential waiting to be tapped.

It is associated with your skeletal system. You hair, teeth, and bones. Your brain is an extension of this energy as is your marrow and regenerative powers.

It is the precious gift that's
meant to be protected, nourished, and balanced.

In Western terms, Kidney/Adrenal energy is probably the closest term used to describe that core energy in the body. And when it comes to addressing or replenishing it from a Western standpoint, the options are few and far between.

We understand what it feels like to have our deep reserves of energy depleted. Words like fatigue, burnout, and exhaustion come to mind when trying to explain that.

Rest certainly helps. Reducing stress stops the leaking of energy. But neither of those take a proactive approach to really recharging your battery.

Glandular supplements can sometimes be helpful, but for many, that type of option isn’t very appealing.

Vitamins, minerals, and nutraceuticals are important for helping regular metabolic function and are important if you have drained your body of those critical metabolic molecules, but again, they don’t directly support the refueling of your depleted energy.

The two components of Jing

Your Jing energy has two aspects to it: the Yin and the Yang.

The Yin is the cooling reserves of this energy and it includes the fluids of the body.

The Yang is the warming kinetic energy that includes the action of life, the function of the organs.

Think of night time as being the Yin part of the day. Cool and calm. And the daytime is the warm part of the day with lots of action.

They are an energy system that relies on the interplay and balance of both. And depending on your constitution, you will notice which one in your life is most dominant.

Here's a Jing Essence formula
to help you recharge and empower yourself

Restore the Heart - JingHerbs
  • Support physical energy
  • Balance of Yin + Yang
  • Longevity Tonic


Restore the Jing combines the power of two Yang tonics, Eucommia and Morinda, and the restorative attributes of the classic Yin tonic Rehmannia 6.

It is a perfectly balanced longevity tonic to replenish and vitalize the core energy of the body, your Jing Essence.

This formula is suitable for just about anyone at it is neither too warming nor too cooling.

It helps to sustain energy and prevent burnout.

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Also available as an extract powder
(Great for coffee, tea, and smoothies!)

Restore the Heart - JingHerbs
  • Replenishing deep reserves of energy.

  • Nourishing and building fluids and blood.

  • Promoting your body's natural restorative functions.

  • Protecting against burnout

  • Inspiring passion, motivation, and creativity

Many people have found their daily lives frozen in place during difficult times. We’re spending a lot more time sheltered at home, without much ability to be active or social.

This inactive lifestyle, paired with the mental, emotional, and psychological stress of the last month can really start to impact and drain one's Jing.

Restore the Yin is a replenishing tonic that puts energy back into the body. It’s perfect for recharging, especially during sleep.

The Kidney is considered the source of all Yin and Yang in the body, and as such, all the Yin organs derive their Essence from the source.

The function of the four herbs, Dong quai, Dioscorea, Asparagus, and Peony, added to the base formula (Rehmannia 6) are to directly tonify the Yin of the Liver, Lungs, Spleen, and Heart, thereby protecting and conserving the source Yin of the Kidneys.

In addition, to remain faithful to the inseparability of mutual dependence on Yin and Yang, Eucommia, a Yang tonic, was added to maintain the energetic dynamic of this ancestral pair.

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Also available as an extract powder
(Great for coffee, tea, and smoothies!)

Restore the Heart - JingHerbs
  • Support physical energy

  • Boost creative energy

  • Support passion and motivation
  • Longevity Tonic


Epimedium, Eucommia, and Cistanche are the three primary herbs used in Restore the Yang to replenish and vitalize the body’s sexual, physical, and creative energies.

However, restoring that primal energy requires harmony between Yin and Yang, so in addition, we have added the perfect amount of the classic formula Rehmannia 6 as a base to maintain that important dynamic between the warming and cooling elements of Kidney Jing.

This is not only a restorative and vitalizing tonic, but a longevity one as well, suitable for both men and women alike.

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Also available as an extract powder
(Great for coffee, tea, and smoothies!)

Your Jing Herbs Analysis Result:

Congratulations! Your day-to-day energy seems to be great.

You probably have all the energy you need on a daily basis from morning to night.

Your day-to-day energy is probably just okay.

Not amazing, not horrible, but certainly not where you would like it to be.

Qi is the energy you derive from the foods you eat and the air you breathe and it provides you with your moment to moment and day-to-day vitality.

By increasing your Qi, you will have a new found jump in your step to seize the day.

The important thing to remember is that you don’t want to allow your Qi to become too depleted whereby you start tapping into your reserve Jing energy.

You seem to have severe Qi deficiency.

This is mostly related to your respiratory system.

Your day to day energy is probably very low…your breathing shallow…your ability to create energy on a moment to moment basis very compromised.

Give your body an immediate boost of energy by supporting your own natural Qi (Lung energy) and start living your life the way you really want to!

Congratulations! Your digestion seems to be great.

You most likely have no issues with feeling energized from the foods you eat.

Your digestion could probably use a little help.

You probably experience slight bloating or fullness after meals, a little more lethargic than you wish, and generally don’t derive enough energy from the foods you are eating.

The good news is that this effectively addressed with digestive tonic herbs that can jump start your digestion and get you more energized from the foods you eat!

You seem to have weak digestion. The digestive and respiratory systems are the main energy sources day-to-day in your body.

You probably experience fatigue after meals, bloating or indigestion, or general discomfort during or after eating meals.

Get back on track and feel more energized from your meals by supporting your digestion and increasing your digestive metabolism!

Congratulations! You seem to have sufficient blood for providing energy and nutrients to all cells of your body.

You seem to have mild blood deficiency.

This typically will result in some menstrual difficulties if you are a woman, a slightly pale complexion, a little more dryness than you would like, and an overall sense of slight energetic deficiency.

The good news is that building blood back up to normal levels is within your reach and can be accomplished steadily with tonic herbs!

Just make sure to take the correct formula to build your blood and you’ll be back to feeling great in no time.

You seem to be considerably blood deficient.

You probably get light headed easily, have a very pale complexion, and experience low energy.

By building your blood levels back up, you will feel a renewed energy and vitality, feel more grounded and centered, and have more endurance and stamina in your day.

Qi - The Second Treasure

Qi (Energy) Tonics

The word energy has a very simple meaning in the West…

You either have the energy to do what you want to do - or you don’t.

Classical Chinese Medicine takes a different approach; energy is viewed as having several different sources.

Qi is your day-to-day energy.

It is the energy you derive from the foods you eat and the air you breathe.

Which is more important do you think?

In fact - it's the Qi from the air you breathe that's the most important.

Don’t believe me?

Well... try not eating for five minutes. What happens? Nothing really.

Don’t breathe for five minutes? Game over.

Breath deeply!

So let’s talk about Qi energy from the perspective of breathing.

In Classical Chinese Medicine, the Lungs are the source of this energy; strengthen your Lungs and you strengthen your day-to-day energy.

There are some superstar herbs for helping support this.

At the Top of the List - Astragalus.

It is the go-to herb for increasing Lung energy and vitality. It is an herb that can give you instant energy. Three to four capsules or a teaspoon or two will get you up and running in about twenty minutes or so.

You will feel that upright energy activate. Your breathing will become deeper. You will feel more energized.

Let’s talk a little bit about digestion...

Do you easily tire after meals?
Feel lethargic... Go into a "food coma"?

If so, you are not alone.

What that suggests is that your digestive power may not be strong enough to digest the food you're eating and convert it into usable energy.

You should feel MORE energized after meals - after all, you have just refueled, and should be good to go!

However, if you're not, there's a reason.

It could be weak digestion which we can help with herbal formulas like Ginseng & Longan or Restore the Digestion.

But it could also be that the foods you are eating are not compatible with your digestive constitution.

Many people love the taste of pasta, cheese, meats, and desserts.

That's all fine and dandy when you're younger and have abundant stores of Jing and Qi, but as you age, your ability to break down those types of foods becomes weaker.

Try and find what foods make you feel your best.

Cold foods tend to slow down your digestive fire; over time, it douses the flames of digestion completely and leaves you feeling bloated and full.

That is why cooked foods are generally more desirable when it comes to things such as hearty vegetables.

Eat your broccoli, cauliflower, collard greens, and other tough vegetables steamed, stir-fried, or in soups or stews. Lighter vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, sprouts, and others are perfectly fine to eat raw.


Formulas for Energy
Here are our top formulas for day-to-day energy
focusing on Lung function and breathing.

Restore the Heart - JingHerbs
  • Quick boost to energy levels (~20 mins usually!)
  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • Supports digestive function
  • Tonifies Wei Qi (Protective Qi, or external immunity)
  • Houses Upright Qi (Supports posture, and organ structure)


Astragalus root provides quick energy, supports the immune system, helps digestive function, and is considered one of the most important longevity tonic herbs.

Astragalus is a “qi” tonic according to Classical Chinese Medicine, as it directly supports the Lung and Spleen organs in the body.

By supporting those organs, you derive and maximize energy from the foods you eat and the air you breathe.

As an immune system tonic, Astragalus tonifies what the Chinese call "wei qi" or "protective qi" which is the energy that runs just below the surface of the skin.

It helps the body fight off external pathogens that you may be exposed to. Astragalus also houses what is call "upright qi" which is the energy in the body that supports upright posture and the correct position of the organs.

Weak "upright qi" can lead to organ prolapse, slumping or slouching, and general feelings of fatigue.

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(Ginseng & Longan)

Restore the Heart - JingHerbs
  • Supports daily energy, while promoting restful sleep
  • Soothes the emotions
  • Nourishes Spleen energy and helps build blood
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • May help with light headedness upon standing


Activate the Qi (Ginseng & Longan) is a formula that provides energy during the day and helps you fall asleep at night.

It strengthens digestion, supports the building of blood, and has a calming effect on the emotions.

The Spleen and Stomach are the organs that are responsible for generating blood by transforming the essences from food.

When their function is compromised, the body has insufficient quantities of blood, leading to imbalances in the body, especially with the Heart.

Heart blood deficiency can lead to feeling more stress and unease. The blood building herbs in this formula start with Longan fruit, which nourishes blood and calms the Spirit, and Dong quai, which tonifies and vitalizes the blood.

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Your Jing Herbs Analysis Result:

Congratulations! You seem to have very little stress in your life and that is a great indicator of your spirit and happiness.

You perhaps don’t have the peace of mind that you would like.

While you are not overly stressed or sad, you probably don’t have the happy-go-lucky energy you perhaps would like to have.

Reducing your stress and increasing your energy is a great way to start on the path to more day-to-day uplifting feelings of being okay.

There are some tonic formulas that can assist you in doing so.

The key to finding the correct one is to figure out what organ system needs to be balanced and nourished.

Typically that is either the Heart or the Liver. If you are not sure, let us help you figure it out!

You seem to be under a considerable amount of stress.

Acute stress can affect your daily mental acuity, create tension in the body, and keep you off center.

Long term stress can contribute to significant health issues that will compromise your quality of life.

Stay calm, centered, and happy with improved health by naturally reducing your stress!

Shen - The Third Treasure

Your Gift To The Universe

Shen is commonly understood as the Soul, or Spirit, or Consciousness - it’s the most refined of the Three Treasure energies.

It manifests as the expression of the spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being of an individual.

Shen is your connection to spirit, to your higher selves, or to your concept of a higher power, and it's the most important energy in the body to cultivate and protect as it guides our lives and actions in everything we do.

In Classical Chinese Medicine, we talk about the Shen residing or being housed in the Heart. One of the clearest manifestations of this happening is that during the day when you’re active, your spirit is expressing itself.

It’s what you put forth in the world on a day-to-day basis.

At night, in the Yin part of the day, the Shen starts to retreat, it starts to come back and consolidate in the Heart and that’s why we rest at night.

When that doesn't happen…

A good example of that is somebody dealing with insomnia. Much of the time, the reason for that is agitation of the heart; the Shen doesn’t feel comfortable residing there, so it stays out. Then you can’t turn your mind off, and you get that constant thinking all the time.

That’s the most obvious sign of restless Shen

Any kind of emotional instability, any kind of disharmony, any time you feel like you’re easily frustrated or if you feel emotionally fragile or sensitive to a lot of things is a sign of Shen imbalance.

One of the huge ones that we deal with as far as impacting the Shen in our society today is stress; that not only disturbs the Shen but it also affects another organ system in the body which is the Liver and that’s a really important thing that should be addressed.

Also sadness, depression, feeling blue, when you lose a loved one, when you’re going through a divorce, you’re going through a hard time, those all really impact Shen as well.

When we talk about the emotions and the organ systems, there’s always going to be a Yin and Yang aspect.

That "joie de vivre", and love of living life

Having really good Shen and having what the French call “Joie de vivre”, that love of living. That’s kind of a Yang energy because it’s very expansive and outgoing.

On the opposite end, when you talk about things like depression, anxiety, fear and those kinds of things, that’s a very contracting energy where you go into yourself.

It’s a very stuck energy as well, not moving, self-obsessed, and focusing continually on the negative and what’s wrong, and there are specific herbs and specific formulas that can actually help the body and mind cultivate the Shen energy to alleviate those negative thoughts and feelings…

Reishi Mushroom - “The mushroom of immortality” and “herb of good fortune;” Reishi has a really good effect on the Heart, and that’s because its taste and its flavor go to the Heart meridian. It tends to take a lot of that agitation and drain it out of the Heart, so it has a very grounding, centering effect on the sympathetic nervous system.

When you take Reishi you could literally be standing in a hurricane and you would be the eye of the storm, everything would be swirling around you in total chaos and you would be solid right in the center. That’s the kind of feeling you would get from Reishi.

A lot of times we can’t control what happens in the environment and the world, but our ability to control our reaction to it, we do have control over. And Reishi is a great herb for cultivating that emotional restraint.

Polygala, Albezia Flower - Both are important in bridging and maintaining the connection between the Heart and the Kidney energy; that’s the Shen and the Jing having a really solid connection.

The result is very rooting because we know that the Jing is the foundational energy in the body and if you think about the difference between that and the Shen which is very refined and etherea, it’s really easy for it to expand outward and upward; however, for you to remain who you are and be solid in that, having that foundation and anchor is vital.

Jing that anchors that energy in the body.

When there's a break in that connection, you’re not going to feel comfortable in your own body. In a way you might feel like an alien inside of your own skin, and it can lead to emotional instabilities and even eventually a breakdown.

When you have that connection you just feel more in the flow of life, you feel like things are just moving along and kind of going with the flow, so to speak, that “Joie de vivre” that I mentioned.

Formulas For Cultivating Strong Shen
And Living Life To It's Fullest!

Restore the Heart - JingHerbs
  • Nourishes and opens the Heart
  • Calms emotional distress
  • Nurtures the Spirit

No formula does a better job of opening your heart to the joy and wonder of this world than Awaken the Shen.

The chief herbs, Reishi, Albizia, Asparagus, and Polygala together put a smile on your face and melt your worries away.

Let your spirit soar and your dreams come true as you connect to your divine energy and cultivate happiness on a moment-to-moment basis.

Don’t let emotional distress, sadness, and feeling overwhelmingly blue get you down any longer!

Give yourself a chance to relax, break out of your shell, and partake in all that life has to offer.

Everyone can benefit from this powerful tonic for nurturing spirit.

Sold out

Also available as an extract powder
(Great for coffee, tea, and smoothies!)

Your Jing Herbs Analysis Result:

Congratulations! You seem to handle and navigate life’s changes and challenges with great skill and ease.

You have pretty good adaptability, but it could probably be a little better.

You most likely don’t have all the energetic resources to cope with what life is throwing at you on a daily basis.

Low energy, inconsistent energy, and a little lack of perspective are usually the culprits when it comes to having somewhat compromised adaptability.

The good news is that you aren’t yet overwhelmed and adding just a few of the supertonic adaptogens to your daily health regime will make a great impact on how you handle your life!

Life's challenges are probably getting the best of you.

You are probably feeling overwhelmed by your day-to-day struggles, have inadequate energy to face your day, and feel like you need some deep support to continue going.

But the truth is, you probably also can't just stop what you are doing. So replenish, revitalize, and increase your adaptability naturally so you can be the rock star you know you can be.


Want to change
how stress affects you?

Your body is always working hard to maintain balance to keep you healthy and thriving.

It uses a system of hormones to tell your organs what to do during every second of the day.

When you are continually dealing with stress, this self regulation mechanism becomes compromised and its ability to keep you in balance suffers drastically.

Our modern lives demand constant energy and focus, which in turn causes a build-up of stress hormones.

This cascade of stress hormones eventually becomes so dominant, that your body loses its ability to turn them off.

Your immune, digestive, reproductive, and cardiovascular systems don’t get the attention they deserve because stress is using up all the resources!

Imagine for a moment what would happen if you didn’t maintain your car, never had the oil changed, and never washed it or cleaned it out…

How quickly would it show signs of wear and tear?

Your body ends up with similar wear and tear, some of which you can’t see until years later.

The good news is that there is a class of herbs called adaptogens that help your body re-regulate and find its balance.

Adaptogens have the capacity to reboot your body’s “hormone computer” system to bring you back into balance and health.

They reduce the feelings of stress when they arise, provide access to energy during the day, increase mental function, increase endurance and tolerance, and help us to sleep at night.

While adaptogens can’t remove our stress entirely, they are able to improve how your body reacts to internal and external stressors.

This is because adaptogens have the ability to provide a defensive response to stress, allowing a more clear-headed analysis of what may be bothering you.

Your Body Needs The Proper GAS…

When we face a stressor, whether physical or mental, our body goes through what’s called general adaptation syndrome (GAS).

GAS is a three-stage response: alarm, resistance, and exhaustion.

1. The Alarm stage is what's most commonly referred to as the “fight or flight” response. It refers to the initial symptoms the body experiences when under stress.

Your heart rate increases, your adrenal gland releases cortisol (a stress hormone), and you receive a boost of adrenaline, increasing energy.

2. The Resistance stage is where our bodies begin to repair itself from the impacts of stress.

Once the initial “fight or flight” feelings pass over, our body enters the second stage of GAS.

Our adrenal glands release smaller amounts of cortisol, and your hormone levels, heart rate, and blood pressure begin to normalize.

However, while in this state of recovery, we remain on high alert. Our body will continue to excrete small amounts of the stress hormone cortisol, and our blood pressure remains elevated.

If the stressors are dealt with then, we can recover, and our body can naturally return to the pre-stressed state.

However, if you continue to remain under stress, you reach...

3. The Exhaustion stage, when our body gets used to constant stress…

Eventually, the elevated levels of stress hormones and high blood pressure become your norm.
In the exhaustion stage, you may think you've become better at dealing with the stress, but in reality your body has adjusted to tell you this is normal.

However, look for these symptoms:

  • Fatigue
  • Burnout
  • Always feeling blue
  • Excessive worry
  • Decreased stress tolerance

It may be your body telling you it's time to get a handle on the stress in your life…

Stop Stressing, Start Adapting

Great Adaptor - JingHerbs
  • Formulated with 7 potent adaptogenic herbs
  • Promotes balance, homeostasis in the body
  • Fortify your success in facing life's challenges
  • Regulates stress hormones to a normal level


This formula contains seven adaptogenic herbs, including superstars Rhodiola, Eleuthero, Reishi, and Gynostemma, which help reset the body’s endocrine system and bring your body and stress hormones back into balance.

The only true state of health is perfect adaptability and capacity to manage the unrelenting physical, biological, emotional, and environmental stressors that we have to endure.

This kind of stress requires assistance that only this class of herbs can provide. The ancient sages and herbalist long ago discovered the power of herbs for maintaining homeostasis, and science is now backing that up.

Assure your success in the face of life’s challenges with the Great Adaptor.

Sold out

Great Adaptor - JingHerbs

Eleuthero root, also known as Siberian Ginseng, is a supreme adaptogenic herb that also enhances physical and mental endurance.

It nourishes the Kidneys and is beneficial for anyone experiencing general weakness or lack of vitality.

It is a favorite herb of athletes as it enhances oxygenation metabolism and circulation of blood.

Eleuthero has a positive effect on the metabolic state through maintenance of normal glucocorticoid activity of the adrenal glands and increased brain catecholamine neurotransmitter formation, both important for energy production and motivation of physical activity.

This herb is well known as an adaptogen to help with better withstanding stress during adverse conditions.

The adrenal gland becomes exhausted during periods of chronic stress leading to reduced output of hormones.

Eleuthero reduces the adverse effects of chronic stress on the adrenal glands helping to preserve its healthy function.

Sold out

Great Adaptor - JingHerbs

Hidden from the world for hundreds of years...

In the mountainous regions of southern China where it grows wild...

This tonic herb is hailed as "The Herb Of Immortality."

Folklore from distant regions spoke of an energizing tonic used in a small village in the Fanjing Mountain.

Revered as a rejuvenating general health elixir, it's said members of that village regularly lived to 100 years of age as a result of drinking this tea.

The Herb of Immortality

The earliest known reference of its use dates back to 1406. Since then, modern scientific studies have shown its legend is no myth:

Dr. Tsunematsu Takemot, a Japanese scientist and herbal medicine research specialist, came across it when looking for solutions to stress-induced diseases.

Results showed compounds similar to those found in Panax ginseng(1), a known herbal tonic in China for over 2,000 years.

Called saponins or ginsenosides (which give ginseng its health producing properties), they are well-known biologically active compounds.

In fact, some of them even looked to be identical...

The Benefits Just Kept Coming

Encouraged by results in Japan, the Chinese government appointed Dr. Jiаliu Liu, M.D and a team of researchers to investigate.

They found аdарtоgеnic compounds in addition to mоrе thаn 100 different saponins, and went on to say:

"This herb from my native southern China that I believe possesses the most wide-ranging benefits for human health and wellness of any plant yet discovered. This may seem like a bold statement, but having studied this remarkable tonic herb for more than twenty years, I can assure you that there is strong scientific support to back up my passion for [it]"(1) - Dr. Jialiu Liu, M.D.

To date, over 180 UNIQUE saponins have been found in Gynostemma, along with a myriad of other beneficial compounds(2).

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Your Jing Herbs Analysis Result:

Congratulations! You seem to be in balance and harmony with your monthly cycle. You must be the envy of many of your friends!

You seem to have moderate PMS symptoms associated with your monthly cycle.

While you are probably not totally dreading your monthly moon cycle, you probably wish that it would go a little more smoothly.

The good news is that is easily addressed with just a couple of simple classic Chinese herbal formulas that will bring you back into balance and harmony. Give us a call to find out which ones are perfect for you!

You seem to have considerable PMS symptoms in addition to excess internal heat.

You are probably familiar with cramping, bloating, pain, irregular menstruation, and general discomfort associated with your monthly cycle.

You might also be experiencing hot flashes, night sweats, and or irritability associated with excess internal heat.

Well, it doesn't have to be that way!

You can naturally balance and harmonize your cycle and reduce internal heat to reduce those symptoms and feel like yourself all month long!

You seem to have considerable PMS symptoms but don't seem to have any excess internal heat.

You are probably familiar with cramping, bloating, pain, irregular menstruation, and general discomfort associated with your monthly cycle.

Well, it doesn't have to be that way!

You can naturally balance and harmonize your cycle to reduce those symptoms and feel like yourself all month long!

Women's Balance

Female Balance from Menarche to Menopause

As the givers of life through child birth, women have a fertility and hormonal cycle that starts with the first menstruation and continues through menopause.
Classical Chinese Medicine provides the herbal tools to help women throughout this journey, to keep them balanced, healthy, and full of life.
For a woman, it's natural for hormone levels to shift during the menstrual cycle, spike during pregnancy, and then take a deep dive before entering menopause.
At Jing Herbs, we have safe and effective formulas to help with all those times in life.
So to begin with, let's start with the early years and help to balance hormones and energy.
In Classical Chinese theory, monthly female hormonal balance is predominantly regulated by the Liver. The Liver is charged with the duty of keeping the hormone levels healthy throughout the monthly cycle.
It helps to regulate the flow of blood and qi in the body as well as the hormone levels during the monthly cycle.

There are two classic formulas that help maintain that hormonal balance: Bupleurum & Tang Kuei and Bupleurum & Peony.
Bupleurum & Tang Kuei and Bupleurum & Peony are classic formulas for regulating monthly hormone level to address imbalances that contribute to PMS symptoms.
The PMS kits add a Qi and blood building formula, Ginseng & Longan, to help maintain healthy blood volume throughout the month and is appropriate for women who tend towards anemia, low blood levels, and low energy.

If ever there was a reason to be upset...

A complete refusal to acknowledge the pain, cramps, hot flashes, and intense emotions that accompany a Yin deficiency by a whole field of medicine sounds like a pretty good one to me.

I'll sort of explain what I'm getting at here.

Have you heard of the concept of Yin and Yang?

In Classical Chinese Medicine Yin and Yang represent two universal, and opposing energies.

Their interaction is said to be what creates all of the energy in the universe, which is known as Qi.

What's important is to maintain a balance between the two.

If something is Yin, you can expect it to be a sort of more feminine, cooling, fluid, and healing, or a sort of condensing, contracting, collecting, and introspective type of energy.

In contrast, Yang refers to something that's sort of high energy, fiery, lots of movement, more masculine, and expanding outward type of energy.

Without that delicate balance between the two, anybody can succumb to suffering symptoms of excess, or deficiency.

If one has a Yin excess or a Yang deficiency, they will more often feel cold, reclusive, and more prone to feelings of sadness.

Excessive Yang, or a Yin deficiency, makes a person feel the opposite; no matter how may layers you strip off, there's no escape from the heat.

The Yin And Yang Of Hormonal Balance

Hormones are chemical messengers inside our bodies that give instructions for our organs to operate as they should normally. They work in a delicate balance, and are interconnected, and affected by one another.

In Classical Chinese Medicine, hormonal balance is closely tied to the concept of Yin and Yang.

Although Yin and Yang may be opposite in nature, they depend on one another; one could even say they are a part of each other.

While menopause is a part of the natural cycle of things, and something that all women will face at some point in their life…

There's no reason to suffer through:

  • The hot flashes…

  • The night sweats…

  • The mood swings…

  • The irritability…

Tonic Herbs To Clear Excessive Internal Heat

Restore the Heart - JingHerbs
  • Clears excess internal heat from the body
  • Perfect for those with insomnia, irritability, and dryness
  • Promotes cooling and fluid generation
  • Dual prepared + raw formulation maximizes potency


Cooling and replenishing, Winter Yin is modified classic formula featuring American Ginseng that is popular for those experiencing hot flashes, night sweats, and adrenal exhaust.

This fast acting formula clears excess internal heat from the body and replenishes what the Chinese call “Jing” or “Essence.”

Rehmannia, literally translated as “the kidney’s own food,” is the Chief herb in this formula and both the prepared and raw versions are used to maximize its replenishing and heat clearing/cooling properties.

Winter Yin is perfect for anyone experiencing heat related symptoms during menopause such as insomnia, irritability, and dryness.

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Restore the Heart - JingHerbs
  • Helps regulate your hormone levels naturally
  • Reduces irritability
  • Helps keep you grounded and calm
  • Helps to improve your liver function

    Experience the end of hormone related irritability and imbalances!

The Liver is the organ most responsible for maintaining normal blood hormone levels.

By regulating and supporting Liver function, Bupleurum & Tang Kuei helps to alleviate PMS and Menopause related symptoms.

Stress, diet, environment, and aging can all lead to Liver constraint, hormone imbalance, and their associated symptoms.

Harmonize your hormones naturally with herbs, and get back to feeling like yourself again!

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Raw Reishi

Restore the Heart - JingHerbs
  • Ultimate Shen tonic
  • Immune Modulator
  • Adaptogen
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Restore the Jing

Restore the Heart - JingHerbs
  • Increases Physical Energy
  • Prevents burnout
  • Longevity Tonic
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Holiday Wellness Bundle

Restore the Heart - JingHerbs
  • Spread cheer this holiday season
  • Ensure a calm, joy filled holiday
  • Be the life of the holiday party
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Let me tell you a bit about my dear friend Dr George and why he deserves your trust:

After having a profound experience with Reishi mushroom over 30 years ago, he discovered that health and healing was his path.

He went on to earn a doctorate in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine at the prestigious Yo San University.

Dr. George studied the Taoist healing arts with his teachers Daoshing and Maoshing Ni. The Ni brothers shared the wisdom and family tradition of an unbroken line of physicians dating back 38 generations!

He has spent the last 25 years dedicated to the principles of protecting, nourishing, and balancing Essence, Energy, and Spirit for thousands of clients who have sought his expertise. He has become one of the world’s top authorities of Taoist tonic herbalism, health, longevity, and nutrition.

Dr George Has Dedicated His Life To Helping You Achieve Balance, Health, and Longevity.

After having a profound experience with Reishi mushroom over 30 years ago, Dr. George discovered that health and healing was his path.

He went on to earn a doctorate in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine at the prestigious Yo San University.

Dr. George studied the Taoist healing arts with his teachers Daoshing and Maoshing Ni. The Ni brothers shared the wisdom and family tradition of an unbroken line of physicians dating back 38 generations!

He has spent the last 25 years dedicated to the principles of protecting, nourishing, and balancing Essence, Energy, and Spirit for thousands of clients who have sought his expertise. He has become one of the world’s top authorities of Taoist tonic herbalism, health, longevity, and nutrition.

Dr George Has Dedicated His Life To Helping You Achieve Balance, Health, and Longevity.

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