December 2023 EDITION


Wishing You Happy and Healthy Holidays

Lift your Shen,
Lift their Hearts

Welcome to a Season of Serenity

As the year draws to a close and the festive season takes root, a sense of warmth and togetherness unfurls within us like holiday lights twinkling in the winter night.

During these times, our hearts and spirits yearn to resonate with the rhythm of joy and tranquility that the season promises.

In the dance of daily life, we all strive for that effortless sway—the balance that allows us to move with the grace of falling snowflakes amid the whirlwind of holiday preparations and end-of-year reflections.

We understands that nurturing your inner harmony is the key to extending heartfelt vibrations to everyone around you.


Rediscover Your Inner Calm with Peaceful Spirit

Imagine the serene silence of a snow-covered landscape—how it invites peaceful contemplation and a slowing of the restless mind.

This is the gift Peaceful Spirit brings: a quieted heart and a Shen that rests comfortably within, allowing nights of deep, restorative sleep and days filled with lucid clarity.

The holidays are an intricate tapestry of emotions, a time when feelings are heightened, and the spirit is sensitive to the bustling energy of life.

It is during these moments, when the heart flutters with anticipation and sometimes anxiety, that Peaceful Spirit reveals its true potential, helping to smooth the edges of stress and sharpen the focus on what truly matters—connection, gratitude, and joy.


Celebrate With a Balanced Shen

Expertly crafted with revered herbs such as Reishi Mushroom, Polygala, and Albizia Flower, Peaceful Spirit is a testament to ancient wisdom lovingly prepared for the modern soul.


Our commitment at Jing Insider goes beyond providing you with superior tonic herbs and formulas; we endeavor to guide you on a journey of knowledge and empowerment, enhancing your experience with every product.


As you sip on the joy of the season and share in the laughter that fills the air, let Peaceful Spirit be the subtle yet profound presence that completes the picture of holiday harmony.


Lift your Shen, Lift their Hearts

This month, as the world rejoices in the festival of lights, let the glow emanate from within you.

With Peaceful Spirit, experience the "joie de vivre" and share the brilliance of a balanced spirit. Embrace the holiday cheer, not just for yourself but as a beacon of hope and positivity for all who cross your path.

It is with open hearts and joyful spirits that we at Jing Insider invite you to elevate your Shen and enrich your universe.


What our Insiders say:

"I’ve always had the experience of Jing Herbs being superior to other brands out there and Awaken the Shen is no different. It’s gently calming without any heaviness or grogginess that sometimes can occur for me with yin formulas. Just exceptional."


"I read that this helps... put a smile on your face. From the moment I used it, I felt a great relief from my sadness and relief from the feeling that life isn't worth living. As I continue to use it daily, twice a day, I find that it isn't as great a happy feeling as it was the first couple of times, but I can see myself smiling more."

James Moss

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