February 2024 EDITION


The Year
Of The
Yang Wood Dragon

Crafting Destiny with the Wood Dragon:
Cultivate Health, Connections, and Dreams

On February 10th we welcome The Year Of the Yang Wood Dragon

This time embodies a potent blend of energies in Chinese astrology.

Here's what people can expect to see during this intriguing year:

Renewed Growth and Expansion: A time for optimism, pursuing new ventures, and refreshing projects with new ideas. Ideal for starting or expanding endeavors.

Strong Leadership and Charisma: Individuals may naturally step into leadership roles, or their influence could grow, accentuating authority and confidence.

Innovation and Creative Solutions: Expect breakthroughs in technology, green energy, and creative arts through innovative and outside-the-box thinking.

Increased Social Activity and Communication: A surge in social movements and networking, enhancing communication across communities and cultures.

Emphasis on Flexibility and Adaptation: Adaptability is key in facing changes and new opportunities, highlighting the importance of being flexible.

Focus on Environmental and Social Issues: Environmental and social justice efforts might gain momentum, seeking innovative and supportive solutions.

Diplomatic Efforts and Peace Initiatives: A favorable year for diplomacy and resolving conflicts, with a focus on creative and compassionate approaches.

Imagine you're standing at the doorstep of the year of the Yang Wood Dragon, where the air buzzes with the promise of awakening your inner creative force.

It’s not about boasting a shelf of trophies but about crafting a life that transforms your deepest dreams into touchable, lived experiences.

Think of the Wood Dragon as a powerful ally in your quest for renewal and zest.

It's urging you to plant your dreams in the rich soil of your passions, letting them take root and reach skyward with the unyielding drive of a young tree straining towards the warm glow of the sun.

As you integrate the Dragon's fierce energy into the rhythm of your days, embrace practices that lay the groundwork for your wellbeing and achievements.

The Dragon, wise and timeless, whispers a mantra of balance to you: act, yet also pause; give, yet also receive.


Engage with life's dance, spiraling with the Dragon's breath, and remember the vessel of your well-being is sacred.

By adopting an active lifestyle, basking in nature’s embrace, or diving into mindful meditation to tap into your Qi, you're not just enhancing your health— you're preparing your spirit to chase after your dreams with precision and passion.

The Wood Dragon's reach isn't confined to your personal space; it resonates through the intricate web of connections binding us all.

Your dreams join a symphony of community aspirations, and together, each note elevates the collective journey.

Now is the time to forge and cherish bonds with others who share your vision for a world that hums with our united hopes.


As the Wood Dragon soars, recognize this as the ultimate invitation for transformation.

Stoke the fires of what you're most passionate about, mold your aspirations with care, and step into a journey brimming with the bold heart of a dragon.

Welcoming this Yang Wood Dragon energy means you're not just following a path —you're the architect of your destiny, actively constructing a life rich in intent, connection, and health, enriching the world with the power of shared dreams.



In the delicate dance of body energy and ambition, consider the Liver and Gallbladder — key players in traditional Chinese Medicine.


They orchestrate the flow of your Qi and emotional balance, pivotal in enabling you to rise to the challenges you set for yourself.

The Liver, adept at strategizing the flow of your Qi, underlines the need for balance and health to stay resilient. With the Wood element at its heart, the Wood Dragon year spotlights caring for this vital organ through habits and activities that bolster well-being and vitality.

Furthermore, the Gallbladder stands as a testament to decision-making and action, guiding the Qi flow to nourish your courage and resolve. As transformation beckons, supporting the Gallbladder is imperative to take on the essence of the Dragon's spirit.

Now, as you establish routines, make dietary choices, or pick herbs that favor these organs, you're not just nurturing your body — you're cultivating an environment where dreams can thrive.

From herbs that maintain liver health to foods that fortify the gallbladder, these conscious selections amplify your vitality, emotional strength, and resilience. By aligning with the Yang Wood Dragon's dynamic rise, you're choosing to honor the health of your Gallbladder and Liver — a pledge that goes beyond self-care.


The tonic herbs we've handpicked for you are allies for these organs, standing as a testament to your resolution to pursue your dreams with unwavering zest and crystal clear focus.

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