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For Spring

It's Time To Put
A Spring In Your Step

Feel Revitalized During The Season Of Rebirth!


When the frost gives way to the blooming buds that signal Winter's end, we recognize the shifting seasons around us once again.


Spring is the time of rebirth, when the earth’s energies begin to stir and we see the signs of new growth rise around us.


Traditionally, this season is associated with the Wood element, which represents regeneration, new beginnings, and renewal.



You can see it all around as leaves begin to bud and flowers push up through the ground.

In classical Chinese Medicine, the Water element nourishes the Wood element, thus the saying “April showers bring May flowers.”

The Water element is found in the Kidneys. Nourishing its Yin is the secret to renewal and growth.

When nourished, the natural energy rises upward and outward freely throughout the body, extending much like the branches of a tree.

So the combination of the Kidney and Liver energies properly expressing themselves results in the beauty and majesty of the miracle of life we see every Spring.



During the Spring, its energy reaches a peak!

Supporting the health of your Kidneys and Liver in the Spring can help to maintain this vital process.

When the Liver is functioning smoothly, physical and emotional energy can flow freely. This grants us the ability to spring forward and grow towards new heights!

Let me help with this month's gift - a free 50g pouch of Lycium.

This "matrimony vine" has been well known to replenish Liver and Kidney essence and serve as the foundation for encouraging growth and reproductive health. This tonic embodies everything associated with the Spring.

That's why I want you to try it for free this month!

Find Lycium and my other top recommendations for the Spring further down this page and make sure your energy stays stable and supported.

What our Insiders say:

"I love Jing Herbs. They are my favorite company to buy herbs! Chaga is one of my favorites for immunity. I’ve been taking it all winter and haven’t even had a sniffle. I do rotate and use Reishi, Cordyseps, and sometimes Astragalus. Astragalus is hard to put down. Love the taste. Thank you, Jing Herbs!!"


"Every product I've ordered (Lung Immune Supreme, Activate the Qi, Awaken the Shen, and Pearl) is of exquisite quality. Very smooth and blends so well, unlike other companies I've tried. Best of all, is the personal hand-written note I received along with my order that really touched my heart."


Capsules Available By June 30th (Estimated):

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