October 2023 EDITION


Fall Into
Vibrant Beauty

Autumnal Awakening: Time for Inner Reflection and Preparation

Experience the Calm Amidst the Subtle Shifts of Autumn!


Autumn, the season of falling leaves, crisp breezes, and pumpkin-spiced everything, is a gentle reminder of the constant, subtle, and beautiful changes in life.


Typically, this season is equated with the Metal element, symbol of consolidation, strength, and inward movement.


As the leaves fall, tree branches bare, and seeds descend into the earth, there’s a sense of returning to the roots.


The energy is descending, consolidating, getting ready for an inward journey.




According to the principles of Classical Chinese Medicine, the Metal element governs the Lungs and Large Intestine, the organs associated with taking in and letting go, quite like the trees letting go of their leaves.


Balancing these energies helps us in establishing well-settled routines, consolidation of our thoughts and an acceptance of life’s ebb and flow.


With cooler temperatures and lower levels of daylight, let’s focus on nurturing the Yin aspect of our bodies, preparing us for the coming winter.


Enter this month's gift - a 50g pack of Lycium free with your purchase of $75.


Commonly known as the "matrimony vine," Lycium is celebrated for its ability to replenish Lung and Kidney essences and serves as a dependable ally for soul nourishment and respiratory health.


This tonic perfectly resonates with the transitional autumn season.


Also referred to as the Goji Berry, Lycium is held in high regard as one of the staples in longevity tonics from the East.


This humble fruit shows immense prowess in brightening and strengthening the eyes, buttressing immune function, enhancing sexual performance, and supporting the well-being of the legs.


It’s also known to enrich the Yin and moisturize the Lungs, and mildly promote Kidney Yang, making it an autumn essential.


As an immune system tonic, Lycium has a polysaccharide-protein complex that encourages immune response by boosting the production of cytokines.


It counteracts cell-damaging free radicals with its powerful antioxidant properties. Lycium also holds the key to anti-aging due to its blood-enhancing properties, a beauty tonic that is cherished the world over.


Find Lycium alongside my other top suggestions for Autumn highlighted below and

make sure your energy stays well-supported and balanced throughout this month!


Wishing you health, beauty and longevity.


What our Insiders say:

"Really helps nourish the body when working a vigorous job, downing a bunch of caffeine, and just being on the go week after week. Love this balanced formula, I take reishi and gynostemma for the qi, this for yin and yang. "


"First-order with Jing and extremely impressed with the product, product quality, packing, and delivery. Have referred this vendor to friends and family."


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